A little treat 

A couple of days ago me and Meg went for a lovely day out in Boroughbridge, we had a really nice little lunch out & a wander around the local shops.

Bump finally making an appearance in this picture!

We went into this gorgeous little boutique and Meg being Meg sneakily got me some gifts without me noticing! It was a total shock as they were so nice & sentimental so i felt like crying in the middle of the street (very embarrassing)!!!
The first thing she got me was a beautiful bracelet by the brand joma jewellery saying ‘mummy to be’ with two little love hearts. I spotted it inside the boutique and awed over it for a few minutes debating weather to spend the money (bit of a shopaholic ;)). This is the second bracelet Meg has got me from joma jewellery so I think we may be starting a habit of it!

The second gift was the little guys first baby book! It’s called guess how much I love you. Meg said how she had this when she was tiny and my mum later told me so did I! It will be one of them gifts you treasure forever.

Lots of love, Cyah xxxx

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