My top five instagram’s to follow!

I’m sure just like me, most of you are just as obsessed with scrolling through Instagram daily and admiring people’s seemingly ‘perfect’ lives. I’ve decided to make a list of my top 5 faves that I check religiously every day for new posts.

  1. Caroline Nehring @carolinenehring – Caroline is a Danish lady with the most beautiful style both in fashion and interior decor. I started following her (and her husbands account) around 2 and a half years ago and have been obsessed ever since. She has an adorable daughter and is currently expecting a little boy!
  2. Hannah Shaw aka Kitten Lady @kittenxlady – Hannah is a kitten rescue advocate and complete boss lady. She rescues kittens from the worst situations and brings them home and raises them healthy and happy before adopting them out. I am obsessed with the pictures and stories she posts and internal cry daily at how cute the teeny kittens are. If you are an animal lover (or even better a crazy cat person) I recommend you follow Hannah right now!
  3. The Dogist @thedogist – Another animal account on this list (surprise surprise) is the dogist. I cannot get enough of this page. It is a photo-documentary of dogs that the photographer meets. He always puts a little quote at the end of the caption about the dog pictured (usually said by the owner) – it always makes me chuckle and if i’m having a bad day it always seems to cheer me up.
  4. Bree Warren @breekwarren – Bree is an Australian “curve” model. I am in love with her body shape and she embraces everything about herself. Her photos give me confidence to look good in my own clothes and love my body too. She travels the world and her photos are amazing. She gives me major holiday envy but I can’t help  but follow her.
  5. Shani Grimmond @shanigrimmond – Now, this Instagram is one you have to be following. Shani is a beauty and lifestyle Youtuber from Brisbane. She is hilarious and totally bonkers. I watch her videos every week and alway check her Instagram for new posts. Shani seems so down to earth and she’s the kind of person I’d want as a friend. Plus she has the cutest dogs in the world! I’d suggest following her and also checking out her youtube.

Lots of love, Meg xxxxx


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